How to increase Instagram likes?

Social media has gained a lot of importance in recent timings. Before people use social media in order to communicate with friends, family members and colleagues. But today social media has lead to the best place for marketers. Whenever you open your social media account you will see huge amount of posts sharing something interesting and if you click on those you will be redirected to some other website. Today on the social media you will see very less posts from your friends and colleagues but instead you will see multiple posts of websites.


Instagram is one social media where people use to share photos and pics. There are many people who work towards getting likes but when they didn’t get they get discouraged and thus they quit doing such things. Though, there are huge benefits of social media but when your excitement doesn’t get good response you lose and you leave that work.

There are many people who have their own websites and they are always in search of getting good amount of likes as this improves the Trust flow of the people.

Here are some ideas that will help you increase your instagram likes

  1. You must use hashtags of the known people or pages, this will help you generate more number of followers.
  2. Like thousands of random pics of the people whom you want to target and in return you will get the likes from such people.
  3. Start a contest on instagram. This is considered as the easiest way to get more number of likes and also the followers.
  4. Start promoting your instagram account on other social media websites. Tell people what they will get in return if they like your post.
  5. Always try to post pics at 2 am and 5 pm daily. As per the research, this is the most effective timing to get likes.
  6. Always use popular hashtags so that your post is visible to number of people at once.
  7. Always remember that quality comes first than quantity. So always post high quality and sensible images.
  8. Make sure you have a filled profile. People use to consider the profile as fake if its incomplete.
  9. You must ask questions in the captions so that people will take interest in your post and reply, this will help you get more engagements.
  10. Always make posts on Sundays, people who are free will get engaged.