How Herolocity Has a Distributed Remote Workforce across the Globe

Herolocity connects businesses through their 365 platform for automating the entire business and transform the way they do their work. The company comprises of a global team of 26 professionals around the world from multi-cultural backgrounds. A remote workforce gathers immensely talented experts to become part of the company’s mission to help every business automate their operations.

Herolocity welcomes professionals who excel in their fields to become a part of their global movement to help business owners. The company does not hire people who are merely looking for pay check at the end of every month, without delivering what they are truly capable of. The company has a flexible work culture and lets workers from over the world work from the comfort of the home. They can avail benefits and are compensated for all their accomplishments, irrespective of their location.

Managing a remote workforce for an extensive platform, such as Herolocity, requires maintaining strict communication and work ethics. Here are a few ways Herolocity manages a distributed remote workforce globally:

Purposeful Communication

Herolocity uses the most updated communication methods for delivering details and staying in touch. As miscommunication leads to failed outcomes, it is essential that only un-interrupted communication methods are used.Communication methods are also selected on a one-on-one strategy. Video, audio and project management tools are used for keeping communication alive with their global workforce.

Defining Goals

From the start, clearly defined goals are communicated to the workforce. It is important they understand objectives and end results to deliver maximum outputs. A remote workforce works best when the workers feel they can ask anything to clarify what is required from them. Herolocity encourages a healthy work environment by pushing their team to inquire all information for owning their projects as they do not have real-time oversight.

Offering Flexibility

Herolocity believes in being flexible to their employees’ needs. Employees, who work from home, can sometimes be distracted by unexpected emergencies that can affect their productivity. Providing employees with flexible office solutions helps them deliver their best in terms of productivity.Herolocity is striving hard to create the perfect balance for its global workforce working together across different time zones.

Acting as a Motivator

Herolocity is not just known for helping business owners automate their processes. Herolocity aims to become an influential employer that motivates professionals to make the most of their talents. By creating a sense of belonging, Herolocity promotes accountability and responsibility while supporting a flexible culture. By training and encouraging the global workforce to work in harmony, Herolocity promotes personal and professional growth at all levels.A talented workforce that is not location or time bound presents a large number of benefits. Here are some of these:

Access to Otherwise Inaccessible Professionals

Immensely talented individuals, who may wish to work from home for whatever reason, are unable to make it to a hiring manager’s desk. Moreover, Baby Boomers who will soon retire and Gen Y workers looking for an ideal work/life balance often take up virtual work. Herolocity takes this opportunity for hiring immensely talented individuals from over the world who offer the best of their capabilities.

Skilled Consultants

Consultants who have worked for two decades or free agents whose expertise lies in a particular area, remote workers are experts in their fields. Every project involves special skills and this is where remote workers come into the picture, who are paid for their expertise and nothing else.

Higher Productivity

A workforce categorized by their core skills produces more results than a team that has to do multiple tasks. Naturally, the result is increased productivity. The virtual work pioneer, Cisco, has been working with remote workers since 1993 and is reported to accomplish $195 million in productivity.


Employees at Herolocity take up complete responsibility for their work. There is nobody else involved in the process which means there is nobody to blame in case a job goes wrong. This facilitates flawless performance from the workers, even if they are sitting in different corners of the world.

Easily Extendable

A remote workforce is easier to expand when required. This is why there are full time and part-time opportunities available at Herolocity from time to time.

Final Thoughts

Herolocity is a team of highly skilled professionals who act as crucial parts of the company. The company demands the best people join hands for making a well-rounded workforce that is geographically dispersed and extends across different time zones.

Continuously technological advancements have made it clear that the remote workforce is here to stay. With inspiring and motivational leadership, Herolocity has found the perfect set of collaboration tools that are great for communication, tracing progress and accomplishing goals to interconnect with its workforce.

Proper work arrangements help shape a global team that leads to a highly talented team. All 26 individuals working at Herolocity are experts in their perspective niches and do not compromise on the standards the company has established.